Posted by: healingthroughlove | September 11, 2007

Chicken Keliguan

This recipe is thanks to Richard and Sheila Taitano, friends I’ve known since Guam. Richard makes this for every Guam reunion and just a bite brings back all my wonderful memories of Guam. Thanks Richard!

Richard Taitano’s Chicken Keliguan

1 whole chicken cut and BBQ’d, to remain juicy.
If you prefer you may substitute a fresh cooked rotisserie chicken.
Debone the chicken and chop it into fine pieces. Keep the skin to add later to the Keliguan, this gives it a lot of added flavor.
chop 1 onion and set aside or substitute 24 green onions.
one fresh coconut husked, cracked and shredded, (this takes time…so plan accordingly. Richard recommends buying a couple extra, sometimes they have sat too long in the store and are dried out when you crack them open.
lemon powder, a product from Guam, if you have access to it,
otherwise you may substitute the juice of 2 lemons
hot peppers to taste
Take the set aside chicken skin and cook it a bit to make it more crispy, you may use a toaster oven for this. Chop it into fine pieces.

Mix the chicken, grilled chicken skin, onion, lemon powder, peppers and salt together, when well mixed add the coconut and you have a Guam dish to remember! This tastes even better after letting it sit. Hafa Day!



  1. […] are in storage, I had to go digging for this one. A traveling friend and former Guam coworker came through for me. This is a recipe made by a former coworker of ours who is a native of the island, Richard […]

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