About Our Family Treasures

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My grandpa, John William Fuller in his Army uniform in 1943 with his father- in- law Lawrence Breiner who was forty at the time. He was my great grandfather. This photo was taken in November 1943 when my grandpa Bill received a ten day furlough for his mother’s funeral.

This site is a special place for my family recipes, history and memories. I hope it will come to be a place that many will enjoy visiting. I hope it will inspire you to create a special site of your own for your family history and the treasured recipes you have loved.



  1. I love this site! What a terrific idea for a blog. Mine is about writing my Grandma’s memoir, but I like how you’ve got sections for recipes, photos, etc. I’ll have to think about adding some of this type of stuff for my family, too!

  2. I like your Family Treasures blog and especially the recipes.

    I have recently written an entry on my own blog about my patriarchal grandmother’s recipe book and what I found in there. of course it has recipes but also letters, scraps of old grocery bills, even some facts about my father and Uncle’s military history.

    Recipe books, the hand written ones, are a treasure trove.

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