Fuller Family Treasured Photos and Memories

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Donna Bell, Barbara Snodgrass, Betty Fuller and Jean Voril

Betty Fuller (My grandmother) and her bowling team with their Overman Coal Company sponsorship logo in 1962. The Overman Coal company was owned by my paternal grandfather Frederick Overman. This is a small example of the friendship between both sides of my family that continues today.


This photo is my great grandpa Lawrence Breiner and his daughter, (my grandma) Betty Fuller with myself (seated on table) and my second cousins Robin and Mike Kintz.
In the picture you see my great grandfather and the aggravation board game he handmade. He made at least two and they remain in the family today, my grandma Betty is the master player and beats everyone!

My great great Grandma Neola Kiser in the 1940’s in Bluffton, Indiana.


This photo is of my grandma Betty and my great great grandma Neola Kiser
Neola lived to her late nineties. She was one amazing woman who could still do the splits well into her 60’s! This photo was taken in early 1944 while my grandma Betty stayed with my great grandma Kiser while my grandpa Bill was at war in Europe. My grandma Betty was age 17 in this picture.

This page is a beginning of sharing photos and memories of my grandparents, Bill and Betty Fuller. Grandma is helping me with the memories, dates and funny stories! Enjoy!

Bill Fuller with the big fish tale!

This photo comes with a funny story. My grandparents were camping in Ludington, Michigan and no one was catching any fish…including my grandpa Bill. He was always a practical joker so he went and bought some fresh fish and strung them on a line and brought them back to camp as if he had caught them. Of course everyone in camp wanted to know where he caught them, so they could go and catch their own. My grandma laughingly told me he never told anyone at camp that he bought them.



  1. just want to see if i am related I am bret son of kenny from decatur.also would like any downtown photos you might have

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